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5 Signs Of Deterioration On Your Roof

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5 Signs Of Deterioration On Your Roof

Replacing a roof is an expensive process that few homeowners anticipate. According to the 2010-2011 report “Cost vs. Value ”from Remodeling magazine the national average cost of replacing a roof is about $ 22,000, an expensive mission considering the current precarious economic conditions. Furthermore, people who choose more luxurious materials could spend up to $ 40,000 on their roofs.
With such numbers, it is not surprising that many homeowners fear the dire diagnosis that their homes need a new roof. Although not much can be done to reduce those expenses, there are red flags that could indicate that a replacement is imminent. Recognizing those signs helps you be more prepared should that time come.

1. Presence of Algae

If the ceiling has heavy black streaks with stain adhesion, it may be algae that may have been growing for some time. Although they do not necessarily have to damage the roof, they do damage the physical appearance of the home, since their presence on a roof is not exactly pleasant to look at. Algae frequently appear on roofs of homes in climates with hot and humid summers. If your roof has them, pressure clean it with a mixture of water and bleach to effectively remove them.

2. Buckled Tiles

Like algae, sagging tiles are another nasty problem on a roof. But they constitute something more serious than something unpleasant to look at, as they could indicate more significant problems. When shingles sag, it is because hot attic air escapes and peels off the shingles. In addition, they are a sign of insufficient roof ventilation, which reduces life expectancy and leads to more air conditioning costs.

3. Loss of Granules

Loss of granules is generally a by-product of normal shingle wear due to inclement weather such as hail. Older roofs can experience this type of loss, but it can also occur if a defective roofing product was used. Any loss of granules, no matter how small, must be addressed, as its side effects include weakening of the roof and leaks. If not resolved, the consequences could be more serious in the next storm. 

4. Mold

Unlike previous warning signs, mold cannot be seen on the outside of the house, but rather in the attic. If detected, the ceiling may leak, and the health risks of mold are substantial. Mold is not necessarily easy to detect, so a professional inspection should be performed if mold growth is suspected. If the professional determines that mold is present, it will need to be removed, and all options considered, including replacing the roof to prevent re-growth. 

5. Rotting On The Roof

Perhaps the most hopeless sign a homeowner can see on their roof is rot, which appears when the roof is significantly damaged. If not resolved, the consequences can extend beyond the roof, damaging other parts of the home, largely due to the penetration of water through the roof. If roof rot is not noticed or ignored, in no time the water will seep through the roof and create a path of destruction in the rest of the house.
Homeowners may fear a total roof replacement due to the costs associated with such a project. But if ignored, the problems could be more serious than what would be spent on that process.  

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